Mental Health

Everyone feels sad occasionally. However, if you regularly feel sad , tearful , hopeless , or empty you may be experiencing depression. Other symptoms of depression include: ·       Irritability, frustration or angry outbursts ·       Anxiety, restlessness or agitation ·       Feelings of guilt or worthlessness ·       Loss of interest in activities you used to enjoy ·       Trouble concentrating or making decisions ·       Lapses in memory ·       Lack of energy ·       Sleeping too little or too much ·       Changes in your appetite       We currently find ourselves in the fourth week of a brutal, immoral and illegal invasion of a sovereign nation - with all the consequences for the people of Ukraine and beyond. We are all still recouping from the aftermath of the pandemic, the current rise in energy cost and the general cost of living. So many things can trigger sadness into our lives. The news is filled with horrible stories like a 17-year-old killed by a dog she owned for a we

Post pandemic marriage

During the height of Covid, the world was in a lockdown state where non-essential workers had to stay home, with family and face all the issues we run away from or use our busyness to cover up - ourselves. As humans, we tend to quickly see other people as the problem, yes, your spouse can be highly annoying but if we begin to live life with this simple philosophy things might begin to look a little different. The philosophy is - I cannot control the actions of other, I can only control my reaction and influence the change I want to see. In marriage love is not enough. Something stronger than love can make a marriage break for example Abuse, o irresponsibility, infidelity or neglect. A successful marriage is a result of the application of knowledge and not the exchange of love. You can love something but not know how to do it. I love the piano, but I do not know how to play it, I have tried to learn but using both hands at the same time is a struggle for me. The Bible says peopl

Chosing a life partner

  I was reading this book called friendship courtship and christian marriage written by Kayode Adesogan. A lot of people have been getting engaged during this lockdown and i think it's a great time to share some ideas about choosing a life partner, courtship, engagement and the whole deal.   When choosing a life partner here are several things to consider before embarking on this journey. The Cultural factor Language, religion, ethics, value, traditions and morals. It is important to consider the background and upbringing of your partner and how it differs from yours. Similarities are easy to recognise but it's important to identify the differences and consider how it might affect your relationship in the long term. Universal problems What are your passions. People go through different challenges in life and its important to note what inspires your partner. What gets you up in the morning?  Who do you blame, when you face a life changing problem like rape or loss ? There are a

Life, Lemons and Smurfs

Have you ever heard the saying - when life gives you lemons (sour) make lemonade (sweet). I would add make lemon Smurfs. I was prepping to make puff-puff ( a Nigerian pastry) last week, like most people due to lockdown in UK I have been baking  loads. I made an error by placing the dough which contained yeast in the fridge instead of in a warm place. An hour passed and then i remembered, by this time the dough was quite cold. I tried to fry the pastry but it was looking so weird , like a retired doughnut. I panicked because there was nothing else I could think of to do with the pastry and the last thing I wanted to do was to bin it. I was hoping and praying when an idea came to me - heat it up in the microwave. I did that until the dough was warm and I was happy to fry it. It turns out to be one of my best batch of puff -puff I have made so far.  Life is filled with the ups , downs, waiting and mids. How do you react to the downs in life, we might not be able to control the


For any couple to succeed in raising children that will be assets rather than liabilities to the society, they must be psychologically and physically prepared because the task is onerous. I however find this manual by Angel Benson Nwobum a very good aid to proper parenting. 1. Give your children age-appropriate domestic tasks, even if you have a thousand and one domestic servants at home. It is sheer ignorance to think that doing everything for your children is a mark of honour or a way of bequeathing royalty on them.  2. Teach them to be useful and make their impact felt positively wherever they are found – in the school, place of worship, in another person’s home, etc. 3. Encourage your children to always leave a good impression wherever they go to; teach them to be courteous, respectful, friendly, cheerful and helpful. 4. Teach them good toilet manners – they must know how to keep the toilet neat for the next user, let them know that it is unacceptable to leave the bathroom floor an

Wallpaper TV for Free

Television has become an important part of everyday. We put it on everyday. If you are part of the people that control the time your television is on - kudos you have achieved a great task. I was so hyped about the wall paper TV but the price tag quickly quenched my desire. Where there is a will, there is a way. Drum roll as I introduce to you the diy wallpaper art TV. It does not require any parts or anything just a TV with a YouTube link. I love paintings and art and found this great feature on youtube where for 4 hours you can display art from Van Gogh,  Remberant and so many great artist .  As Thomas Merton said " Art enables us to loose ourselves and find ourselves at the same time ". The next time you get bored, or just want to read a book but still look at your TV, after all most of us has become glued to this black screen go ahead and play wallpaper art on youtube.  Bring the art gallery to your home  4 hours Wallpaper Art .  

Doctor's Gossip

While standing at the roadside chatting, a group of doctors  saw a man limping  on the left leg while walking towards them . One of them said,  "That's typically left knee Arthritis ." The 2nd doctor said, "No, he could be having plantar fascitis." The 3rd exclaimed, "Ah, that's just an ankle sprain! " The 4th answered, "You can't see that he cannot lift his left  knee? That's probably lower motor neuron lesion." The fifth said, "To me ,he seems to have Hemiplegia scissors gait ". Just before the 6th could give his impression, the man reached the group and asked, "Does anyone know a shoe mender nearby who can repair my slippers?" The doctors all fell silent.... In the same way, people will express different often baseless opinions about you, your situation and sometimes, your personality. Ignore them.  Be yourself.  Stay confident and go and find that shoe mender! Stay blessed, stay safe and enjoy your day🙏🏾